Why It’s Important To Recycle Your Old Cables

Why It’s Important To Recycle Your Old Cables

Over the last few years, the industry for wire recycling has expanded dramatically, and many recycling firms will purchase your old copper wiring and ship it to be refined or melted down. Two of the most significant benefits of recycling wire include that a much smaller amount of new materials are needed for production and that the amount of copper discarded into dumps is dramatically decreased.

Copper Used In Old Cabling

Insulation has been applied to some old copper cabling; such wires cannot be recycled as they are so they must be professionally processed. Firstly, the insulator must be stripped, this is often accomplished by a technical procedure in which the insulating strips are sliced and detached out from copper wire. Steel wheels are used by certain experienced recycling centres to separate the insulator.

How Do They Do What They Do?

You will find that recycling firms will use different processes to recycle the wire that you provide them. This will affect the copper wire scrap price per kg in Sydney or in the area where you are located, but the sole purpose tends to remain the same: to extract the various metals from whichever form of casing they are coated in and to recover the sometimes-valuable metals. When the experts have finished their process of recycling, they should end up with either condensed steel, brass or copper that has been broken down into a form of powder.

Why Don’t I Just Do It Myself?

Well, you could potentially do it yourself, if you know what you are doing. However, most people don’t, and you would need to buy equipment which would probably mean that you don’t end up with any money at the end of the process. Unless you intend to actually make something new out of your salvaged metal, then it makes little sense to do it yourself. It makes much more sense, financially speaking, to take it to one of your local recycling plants who can do the job for you and pay you for the materials.

The Main Benefits

  • It’s environmentally friendly, you can do your bit for the planet.
  • You’ll get payment for the materials that you give to be recycled.
  • It’s a lot easier and financially viable to get a team of pros to do the job.

When you choose a team of experienced recycling professionals to recycle your wire for you, you should really make sure that they are well recommended, and that they are doing their bit for the environment. It kind of defeats the point of the object if you pass your old goods on and get paid, but the materials that aren’t worth anything are simply thrown into a landfill or suchlike.

Why Is Copper Such A Highly Recycled Material?

Because copper comes from natural materials in the ground and must be mined, over the years there is less of it available and as such, the cost has increased due to higher demand versus availability. This has made copper become more valuable over time and be certainly one of the materials that you should get recycled.