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Google Adwords: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing A Nonprofit

Google Adwords: 5 Mistakes To Avoid When Marketing A Nonprofit

If you run a nonprofit organisation, marketing is obviously a critical aspect. Much like a regular business, you need to get your message out to people that can make a difference. Of course, you want to take advantage of Google Ad grants, which is there for nonprofits that qualify. With that in mind, here are a few mistakes to avoid with non-profit marketing using Google Adwords. 

Not Following Google’s Guidelines

As you would expect, there are conditions that must be met when marketing with a Google Adwords grant as well as guidelines to follow. Failure to adhere to these guidelines could see your account suspended. If, for example, your CRT is less than 5% for consecutive months, your account will be suspended and Google sees this a waste of advertising space. If you want the best from Google Ads for Nonprofits, contact a leading charity PPC agency, as they can ensure you maximise your ROI.

Making Promises You Don’t Keep

A classic example would be announcing that this link offers something when in reality, it takes the user to your donation page. Practices like this can lead to issues with Google and that might be the end of your ads grant. Make sure that the user knows exactly what comes next and you will avoid any issues in this regard.

Single Ads

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If you place single ads, you are missing out on a golden opportunity. Two ads mean you can identify which is the better performer; besides, Google will ask you to use a pair ad system. Once you see which one is best, you can withdraw the other, or replace with new copy.

Poor Landing Page

You could have great copy that sends users to your landing page, yet a bad CTR stops the train right there. Google won’t like sending users to a poorly performing landing page and yes, they do have this data; AI would cover this area and there’s very little human involvement in data analysis, at least with Google. If you are using a charity PPC agency, they will ensure that your landing page is up to scratch, as this is a critical aspect and does have a bearing on how Google perceives your account.

Being Too Broad

If your charity focuses mainly on one part of the UK, there’s not much point in putting out broad copy; rather you should be localised and target events and people who reside within an area where they are likely to encounter your stall at an event. Google Ads can seem a little daunting for many people and hooking up with a leading charity PPC agency is the best way forward. Get the maximum grant and use it effectively by leaving everything to the agency.

Google does what it can to help nonprofits and using the right PPC agency will see that you qualify and receive the maximum amount ($10,000 per month). Due to the many nonprofits vying for ad space, Google sets out guidelines that you have to abide by and in order to be sure of compliance, you need an established charity PPC agency in your corner.