5 Compelling Reasons To Buy Investment Property In 2022

5 Compelling Reasons To Buy Investment Property In 2022

While all the Earth’s resources are being used up, there are many commodities that are finite and one of them is land. If you own your own house, have a second home and still have disposable income, why stop at two properties?

Here are a few reasons investment property makes for good business.

Increased Demand For Real Estate

There are more than 7 billion people on our blue planet and the demand for accommodation has never been higher. Some real estate analysts predict a surge in land prices in 2023, therefore now would be the ideal time to buy. Check out the luxury property for sale La Cala Mijas is offering through a leading real estate agent, where prices are actually affordable.

Generate A Healthy Income

If you acquire real estate for rental purposes, you can generate a steady income, which increases your wealth. High season rentals are very attractive, while many owners find permanent tenants that sign annual contracts. When purchasing for the rental sector, you need a local property management company that can handle every aspect of your investment, from building maintenance to tenant sourcing and screening.

Ride The Value Wave

When you own property, as the land value rises, so does your investment. investing with a 5 to 10-year term in mind will bring you maximum profits, and all the while, you will be receiving rental from your tenant. There are no other investments that offer such high returns. Make sure that the property you buy is in a prime location where rentals are high. Join forces with a local property management company and they will handle everything on your behalf.

Property Investment Equals Financial Security In The Future

If you include a few properties in your investment portfolio, the future is looking rosy. The value of the property in 5 years’ time will be much higher than it is today. The only question is by how much? Look for a suitable rental property on the coast and you will reap the rewards of high season rental prices. Hooking up with a local property management company is a wise move if you have rental property, as they are nearby and handle all repairs and maintenance.

Perfect Timing

Real estate experts are predicting a price surge in 2023 and if they are right, now would be the time to make a purchase. If you are disheartened by the sky-high land prices in your area, especially when you are located in the UK, think about moving further afield for your investment property. The southern region of Spain is a very popular area to acquire investment real estate.

While this might be a time of uncertainty, land prices are always on the rise and many private investors have moved out of stocks and shares, preferring instead to invest in real estate, where prices are steadily on the increase. Time is running out if you want to get in before the real estate boom and Spain offers great deals in the sun.