Optimal synergy of the competencies of the two partner companies
First material design study completed
Start of the development and production of components with selected customers
Wiesbaden, February 27, 2018. In addition to the consistent development of current product solutions and growth markets, the SGL Group is working on other future fields for the use of carbon and graphite materials. A very promising area is the 3D printing of components made of carbon. Individual layers are built up to three-dimensional workpieces without tools and computer-controlled. The SGL Group is now using ExOne’s 3D printing technology to bring printed carbon and graphite components to market maturity under the brand name CARBOPRINT®.

The cooperation builds on the core competencies of the two companies: The SGL Group contributes its broad knowledge of raw materials and powder processing as well as its versatile technologies for the further refinement of carbon components. As a leading provider of industrial binder jetting technology, ExOne contributes its 3D printing expertise. With this technology, not only the production of small prototypes is possible, but also economical series production and the rapid development of customer-specific solutions.

Since the carbon body is initially porous after printing, the post-processing processes of the SGL Group, such as polymer impregnation and silicon or metal infiltration, play a central role. With these additional processes, diverse material properties can be adjusted to suit the application. The first material parameters for 3D printing of carbon with corresponding post-processing can be found in the SGL Group’s CARBOPRINT® product brochure .