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SGL Group -
The Carbon Company

Company Profile

We are SGL Group – The Carbon Company, one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of carbon-based products.

We have an in-depth materials, production, applications and engineering expertise, a comprehensive graphite and carbon fiber based product portfolio, and an integrated value chain from carbon fibers to composites. We operate close to our customers through a global sales network and state-of-the-art production sites in Europe, North America and Asia.

SGL Group Worldwide

SGL Group has a global structure with 32 production facilities throughout the world. 17 of these sites are in Europe, 8 in North America, and 7 in Asia. The Company also has a service network covering over 100 countries. With the development of new facilities, we are systematically adapting ourselves to the march of globalization. SGL Group Worldwide - Production sites

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Board of Management

Dr. Jürgen Köhler
Chief Executive Officer
 FRX4852 b 26x35cm - Human Resources
- Management Development
- Compliance
- Corporate Development / Strategy
- Corporate Communications
- Innovation
- Environment Protection, Health &
  Safety Affairs
- Business Process Excellence
- Global Engineering & Construction

Dr. Michael Majerus
Chief Financial Officer

Foto Dr Majerus 2016 26x35cm
- Group Accounting
- Group Controlling
- Group Treasury
- Financial Reporting
- Legal
- Information Technology
- Information Security
- Purchasing
- Investor Relations
- Group Taxes
- Risk Management
- Internal Audit